Description of Massage & Spa Services


Gift cards are available for all the services offered below. Please call the center at 586-268-5444 to purchase your gift card or e mail with your order. Per your request, we will mail a certificate out to you or the person you are purchasing it for the same day. Thank you. 


There are many different types of massages available. How do I know which one is right for me?


Most clients are introduced to massage for relaxation, helping to reduce their stress levels. Only through experiencing different types of massage and massage therapists you will find one that is suited to your energy and offer the type of massage that is best for you. At the Center for the Healing Arts, we encourage our clients to try all the different therapists so you can have options and find the exact massage that fits you and your schedule.


To make it real easy for you!


Check out our introductory special you can purchase 4 massages at $200.00 each massage with a different therapist. It's a great way to be introduced to different work and meet our great staff! It's almost like getting 2 massages free.


Traditionally, massage is a combination of learned techniques a therapist learns while in school, and incorporates in their massage session. A therapeutic, relaxation massage is commonly defined a Swedish massage. The massage therapist uses effleurage, pettrissage, and compression techniques to relax the muscles, and release muscle tension.


At minimum, our therapists are graduates of a state licensed school with training requirements of 600 hours. Most have gone on with hundreds of hours of advanced training, as well as continuing education requirements and national certification.


Special prepaid massage packages are available at substantial savings. First time visit? Obtain our VIP punch card so when you have 12 visits with us the 13th massage is free. The VIP can only be punched on regular priced services, and special discount packages are excluded.


Below is a detailed description of all the services we offer at the Center for Healing Arts




  • Relaxation Massage:
  • Stress reduction is achieved through a combination of Swedish massage techniques to ensure relaxation. The body feels replenished with energy and clarity of the mind. Pressure is individualized to meet the needs of the client. 50 minute session. ($60)


  • Therapeutic Massage:
  • "My neck feels stiff" or my back aches is the time you should request a therapeutic massage. Using advances techniques and stretching, the massage therapist can alleviate a lot of pain and release muscle tension. ($65)


  • Deep Tissue:
  • This massage is a combination of deeper massage techniques for people who require a deeper pressure applied throughout the whole massage. Deep tissue work helps to release old patterns and restrictions due to prior injuries or repetitive strain to the muscles. It can be a "good hurt", usually leaves within 24 hours.($70)


  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage:
  •  Lomi-Lomi massage is an experience of massage and energy work and spirituality. Lomi is known to rejuvenate, drain the lymph, raise the frequencies of vibrational energies through prayer, color and oils. Massage Magazine writes:"A sacred experience where the massage table becomes an altar and divinity touches humanity" ($75)

  • Aromatherapy Massage:
  • 8 pure essential oils are blended individually and applied to the spine before the massage to heighten the immune system and enhance your massage experience. Essential oils can help clear the body of emotional and physical trauma held in the cellular level of the body. ($70)

  • Hot Stone Massage:
  • Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as part of the massage session, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other areas. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly. ($85)

  • Myofascia Release
  • Is a massage technique that is applied throughout the session to liberate the skin and its tissues from facial restrictions. ($75)

  • Lymphatic Massage:
  •  Boosting the immune system and restoring lymph flow are all the benefits of a lymphatic massage. Following specific massage patterns and appropriate pressure that only the lymphatic system responds to, the lymphatic system is stimulated by gentle nudges and the accumulated lymph fluid is rerouted toward the healthy vessels. The American Cancer Society endorses specialized lymphatic massage as an effective treatment for edema, lymphedema, and diabetes. ($75)

  • Pregnancy Massage:
  •  This is a wonderful treatment during your pregnancy. It is a way to relax, increase your energy and relieve discomfort. This massage helps with the aches and pains you may experience while your body changes at this time. Massage can east constipation, gas, heartburn, along with reducing excess fluid, slow the progress of varicose veins and increase your flexibility making it easier for your body to adjust to the additional weight. ($60)


  • Injury Rehabilitation:
  • This massage is recommended for people who have been in auto accidents or other types of injury. This massage is a combination of advanced techniques designed to release old injury patterns, proprioceptive neurological facilitation (PNF) techniques to help re-educate the muscles, and muscle testing to balance the muscle weakness. A series of sessions is recommended for optimal results. ($75)


  • Migraine Headache Relief:
  • A specialized massage sequence developed to treat migraine and headache sufferers. It is deep tissue work with special oils like passion seed oil, specifically to help the nervous system and with headache relief are applied. The best day to receive this type of massage is Wednesday in mid week to minimize the headache on weekends  ($75).


  • Reflexology:
  • Reflexology can be defined as a specific massage-like techniques applied to the feet. When these techniques are applied with intense enough pressure they provoke an action potential. An action potential is a self regenerating wave of electrochemical activity that allows nerve cells to carry a signal over a distance. When action potentials (also known as nerve impulses or spikes) occurs in the body through pressure, many of the body structures are affected by this stimulation including nerves, muscles, the central nervous system, organs and glands. Reflexology is a healing through deep relaxation or stimulation that allows the body to initiate its own healing mechanism. 40 ($45) or 50 minute ($55) sessions available and also a plantar fascitis relief treatment.($75)


  • Hypnotherapy with Reflexology:
  • Experience the healing art of reflexology along with Hynotherapy session to relieve stress and anxiety. 50 minutes and offered by Vince Anthony $(60)


Spa Services and Body Treatments


It is always optimal to exfoliate the skin before a massage so that the organic massage oil can provide all the nutrients possible to soften your skin.


Add a body treatment to the massage at a special savings!


  • Our Ultimate, Pampering Service:  “Day of Rejuvenation”:
  • A day to get away from it all and refresh and rejuvenate your mid body spirit. It is a 4 hour visit which includes a full body massage, energizing facial, apricot body scrub, and green sea weed wrap.  Lunch is included. ( $295)


  • Organic Green Sea Clay Body Treatment:
  •  Includes a full body treatment of clay applied over the entire body. Clay is naturally high in oxygenating iron, rich in nerve calming calcium, regenerative vitamin A, digestive enzymes and cleansing chlorophyll, Sea clay feeds and softens nutrient thirsty skin, while gently detoxifying. ($75)


  • Organic Apricot Kernel Body Scrub:
  • This is a full body scrub of superfine shredded organic apricot meal, it is a nutrient rich based scrub. Vitamin a and b-17 feed vitamin thirsty skin while it helps to exfoliate dead skin, leaving your skin baby soft. Apricot scrub does not irritate, burn or dry out delicate or sensitive skin. Drenched in warm organic apricot is a feast for your body to engage in! ($65)





We use Advanced Japanese facial acupressure points bridged with European techniques to tighten and tone the skin. Facials are important to keeping the facial skin clear, and increase blood flow to repair damaged tissue. Products alone cannot do this. Products we use are all organic and natural. In many instances, products contain fruits and vegetables that nourish your skin. We want to delight your senses as well as use the best, purest products that will enhance your facial!


  • Energizing Facial with Lily of Colorado:
  • Organic seaweed cleansers and honey masks are used to exfoliate the skin in this facial. European and Japanese facial techniques energize and circulate blood to the skin resulting in a healthy glow. Head and neck massage included. Allow 50 minutes. ($69)


  • Deep Cleaning Facial with Premium Eminence Organics
  • Experience Blueberry exfoliates, Raspberry moisturizers, Lime toners.  All products used in our deep cleansing facials. Restore firmness and vitality with Eminence's exclusive Paprika and Fruit pulp mask. A glow of health is achieved by nourishing and recharging every cell in the body. Our estheticians analyze your skin, apply cleansing treatments and oils suited to your skin type. Massage, steam, extraction of comedones and milla, leave your face glowing and healthy. Head and neck massage included. Allow 75 minutes. Galvanic current available to any facial ($89)



Waxing Services available  $12 up

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