Guardian Massage Therapy Program Begins

Thank you for your interest in our program! 

The 750-hour program consists of 650 hours approved in class hours by the State of Michigan which includes 500 classroom hours, and a 150-hour internship plus an additional 100 hours of outside documented homework is required to complete the program. This course prepares you to pass the test and apply for a Michigan Massage Therapy State License. Guardian Massage & Reflexology Program is affiliated with AMBP, a national massage association. Our Program offers an education based on holistic principles - we recognize and acknowledge the integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit for maintaining optimal health and happiness. Limited size classes are conveniently held every other weekend.

Massage therapy is becoming recognized as a key component in today’s health care system, accepted as a valid approach to reduce stress and maintain optimal health performance (i.e. increasing circulation, etc.).

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