Lomi Lomi Class

Lomi-Lomi  Class

Lom-Lomi massage is a full body massage based on traditional Hawaiian teachings. It is intuitive bodywork and described by the Hawaiians as natural form of medicine. Massage magazine describes “Lomi-Lomi massage is where the Table becomes an altar and where Divinity touches Humanity.”

In this course the student will learn to incorporate the 4 elements air, water, earth and fire in their body work. Hawaiian principles of Spiritual Alignment are taught along with Lomi Lomi techniques.

Charlotte Irwin has over 1000 hours in the study of Lomi-Lomi  and spent years back and forth to  Hawaii studying, Lomi Lomi massage, Huna Principles, Energy Healings, Hawaiian Spiritual Teachings, and Hula class.

Class Dates: June 26th/27th

Class time: 10:00am-5:00pm

Course fee is $129.00  per day or $250 for both days

For further information or to register please call 586-268-5444.