Meet Our Staff

At the Center for the Healing Arts, we encourage people to experience a massage from the unique perspective of each therapist. All therapists are graduates of a state-licensed school, and members of a professional organization, plus licensed by the State of Michigan, verifying their education and credentials as professional massage therapists. They are independent contractors and their schedules may vary. Please check with the center for availability of service.

Charlotte Irwin (Owner):

1992 graduate from Health Enrichment Massage School. Her specialty is Lomi Lomi massage. She has over 2000 hours of advanced studies in Hawaiian Lomi- Lomi massage, Hawaiian culture, and Esoteric healing. Charlotte is licensed by the state of Michigan and is a 15-year member of AMPB. She is also a certified reflexologist and developer of Charlotte Irwin’s Reflexology Program. Charlotte is also a business coach for Holistic Health Businesses and the author of Massage Your Business, with Purpose, Passion, and Perseverance. She is also the director of Guardian Massage & Reflexology Program l, an approved 650-hour state-licensed program.

Our Administration Staff:

Jennifer is our office manager available during the day, Monday and Friday to answer any questions. Stacy and Shelby are evening receptionists available to help you with all your appointment needs.

The practitioners include:

Gosia: 1999 graduate of Irene’s Myomassology, nationally certified, city licensed. She is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Goscia specializes in deep tissue and myofascia release. In the last 15 years, Gosia has taken numerous courses in body works since she is passionate about learning new modalities, as well as helping her clients, to enhance their well being. Besides offering a deep tissue and therapeutic massage, Gosia specializes in Lomi Lomi massage, Reflexology, and Lymphatic massage.

Christopher: 2004 graduate of Michigan Myomassology Institute, nationally certified and city licensed.  Christopher is a professional member of AMBP. Christopher's speciality is deep tissue work, problem solving using clinical approach to release muscle restrictions.

Carla: 2004 Graduate of Michigan School of Myomassology. Carla is a National Certified Massage Therapist and member of ABMP. She specializes in therapeutic and deep tissue massage.

Tammy: 2009 graduate of Carnegie Institute. Tammy is a Board Certified, State Licensed Massage Therapist, State Licensed Esthetician, Certified Reflexologist  and a Professional Member of ABMP. Tammy specializes in Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage and provides the spa services as well.

Brenda: A 2015 graduate of Guardian Massage School, Brenda is a state licensed a certified Reflexologist and a ABMP member. She specializing in relaxation and therapeutic massage.

Karen is a 2015 graduate of Irene's Myomassology Institute. She is a state licensed massage therapist and a member of ABMP. Karen specializes in hot stone therapy, relaxation, therapeutic, pregnancy and deep tissue techniques. 

Marlene is a 2014 graduate of Guardian Massage and Reflexology School. Marlene is a state licensed massage therapist and a member of ABMP.  She specializes in relaxation, therapeutic, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Shiatsu/Thai massage and also reflexology.  Marlene is also trained in lymphatic drain massage and reflexology for plantar fasciitis.

Laura is a graduate of Guardian Massage and Reflexology School at the Center for the Healing Arts. She is a member of ABMP and her specialties include, therapeutic, deep tissue, pregnancy, plantar fasciitis, aroma therapy, and couples massage. Laura also uses therapeutic stretching along with her massage techniques to help relieve muscle fatigue and alleviate strain on the joints.She offers the aroma of lavender to enhance your relaxing experience and peppermint to help clear and relieve the sinuses along with hot towels to enhance the overall experience of the massage. Laura spends her spare time reading the latest health and wellness books and keeping up to date on the best uses for aroma therapy oils. Laura combines her knowledge, education, and personal experiences to customize each client's session to fit their individual needs.

Michelle is a licensed esthetician that graduated from Elevate Salon Institute. She is a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) and The Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals (MABP). Michelle specializes in the beautification of the skin. She performs facials, chemical peels, body treatments, and full body waxing. She also is a certified lash artist skilled in classic lash extensions and lash lifts. Michelle has received a certification from Make-Up Designory (M.U.D.), completed the BARBICIDE®️ Covid-19 Certification for the Professional Beauty Industry Training, and the Committed to Health & Safety Certification for Infection Control through Milady.

At The Center for the Healing Arts, Michelle offers Lily of Colorado Energizing Facials, Eminence Organics Custom Deep Cleansing Facials, Back Treatments, Teen Facials, Body Scrubs, Organic Green Sea Clay Body Treatments, Eye-Lash Lifts, as well as Photo Light Therapy.

Mitch: 2008 graduate of Guardian Massage & Reflexology School Mitch is state licensed and  professional member of AMBP. Mitch specializes in sports massage and is very active in hockey and coaching kids that play hockey.  He was a professional hockey player in Romania and massage therapist.

Jeanine: With a lifelong passion for energy and bodywork healing; Jeanine was formerly trained at The Inspirit School of Healing Arts in Orlando, Florida. After returning to Michigan and getting certified in reflexology at the Guardian Massage & Reflexology Program, Jeanine fell in love with the atmosphere at the Center for Healing Arts and Massage. She now provides massages such as Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Pregnancy.

Michelle is an Intuitive licensed massage therapist and reflexologist. Michelle is a 2017 graduate of the Guardian Massage & Reflexology Program and specializes in therapeutic and deep tissue techniques. Michelle is available for Saturday appointments.

Kristin is a 2023 graduate of Guardian Massage & Reflexology School. She is state-licensed, and a professional member of ABMP. Kristin also has an extensive 32-year background in Physical Therapy and as a Director of Rehab. She is passionate about both massage and reflexology to aid in holistic healing and is excited to be a part of the team at the Center for Healing Arts and Massage. Kristin brings a strong clinical, yet intuitive approach specializing in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Stretching programs, and Deep Tissue/ Therapeutic massages.

Jennifer is 2009 graduate from Flint School of Therapeutic Massage. She is state-licensed and a member AMTA.

Her specialties include: decompression cups, hot stone, prenatal massage, sports/stretching, lymphatic drainage and reflexology.

Jennifer specializes in deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal massage, sports/ stretching, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and decompression cupping,  When not in the massage world Jennifer loves spending time with her son, gardening, music, and coffee. In 2024 Jennifer is set to be one of the instructors in the Guardian Massage & Reflexology Program.


Associate Health Practitioners

Diane Simmons, the owner of Total Health Colon Care, is a colon-hydro therapist. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe effective method of removing waste from the large intestines without the use of drugs. Colon Health emphasizes prevention rather than a cure. It is the most important step in maintaining or regaining vital health. If the sewer system in your house is backed up, your entire home is affected. Should it be any different with your body?" Norman Walker,D. Sc., a health expert who died at the age of 109. For more information on colonics and a picture of the equipment visit Diane's website at Diane, Richelle, and Shannon are certified colon therapists available Monday-Saturday for appointments.